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IgG Food Allergy: Diagnostics and Guidance

IgG food allergies can reduce fitness and energy

Why is it so important for keen sportspeople to watch nutrition? An optimal diet helps to get in better shape. For that, not only the amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and amino acids has to be considered, but also the individual reaction of your body to the foods consumed.

Identifying “trigger foods” that are causing problems and changing your diet with the ImuPro Nutritional Concept might be a powerful tool

to find

  • the possible causes for loss of power
  • the foods that are good for you

to boost

  • the immune system
  • your energy level

How to achieve your maximum performance? The continuous ingestion of trigger foods can cause chronic inflammation and thus reduce your fitness. Avoiding these foods will help you to increase your power and endurance.

The ImuPro diet helps you achieve the form of your life

Shorten your recovery time and increase your energy level

ImuPro will help you pinpoint your individual trigger foods